July Wrap-Up | What I read in July

July was a good read month. I read 9 books. I’ve had way better reading months recently, but I’ve also had much worse, so it’ll take it. The books I read this month ranged from disappointing to amazing. Let’s discuss.

7wuIf I Stay – This overly hyped book (and author) led to a disappointing read. I don’t plan to review this book, but I will read the second book and see the film. Hopefully I like those more. 3 stars.

Ruin and Rising – 3.5 stars, tentatively. A decent ending to a great series. I wasn’t disappointed, it just didn’t end how I wanted it to. I still have no idea how I feel about this book, and thus we have a tentative star rating. I don’t plan to review this book either, simply because it is the last book in a series.

Four: A Divergent Story Collection – 3 stars. I have a review I highly suggest you read. I liked this book so much more than I thought I would, but it still wasn’t as good as Divergent and Insurgent were.

We Were Liars  – My only 5 stars of the month, and honestly one of the most amazing books I’ve read this year. I have a review coming soon.

A Monster Calls – This is a beloved book, and I get that. It was good. But it wasn’t the best book ever. I teared up, but it wasn’t as emotional as I expected. I gave it 4 stars, and I will be posting a review soon.

The Book Thief – THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK. I will not be writing a review for this, simply because I feel like everyone has read it. It was fantastic, and will stay with my for a long time. I watched the film adaptation and was very disappointed in the adaptation. 4 stars for this gem.

The Giver – I remember loving this book when I read it as a kid. I don’t know why I did. I gave it 3 stars this time around, but I’m still excited for the film. It looks like they have added a lot to the movie and I’m excited to expand this world that has so much potential. I may review the film, but I don’t plan on reviewing the book.

Side Effects May Vary – I really enjoyed this book while I was reading it, but it didn’t stick with me. And it had many, many issues. I ended up giving it 3 stars, and I will be reviewing it soon.

Landline – 4 stars. Fantastic. Lovely. Review to come. ASAP.


Which of these books would you like a review on next? Let me know in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “July Wrap-Up | What I read in July

    • readtweetlove says:

      Hmm I never really considered doing a review of Ruin and Rising since it’s the last book in a series. What did you have in mind, a series review or a spoiler-filled discussion or just a standard spoiler free review on the 3rd book.

      We Were Liars will be reviewed. I have to, I want everyone to read it!

      Oh The Book Thief was SO good. I’m glad I finally read it.

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