Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books | Top 10 Tuesday

toptentuesdayTop 10 Tuesday is a weekly feature/meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week we’re writing about the top 10 things we like and/or dislike when it comes to romances in books. I’m choosing to write about both things I like and dislike (for a list of 5 for each). HERE WE GO!

A journey. I like when you can see the relationship, the love, form. The journey is one of my favorite parts to actually read about.

Insta-love. Really thought, Instalove is the worst. We all hate it. Sometimes it’s done… okay. Usually, not.

Realistic love. I don’t want things that I can’t dream about, that aren’t attainable because they don’t seem quite as romantic to me. I like to read about things that might actually happen. Sure, he could actually build you your dream house, but will he? I don’t know, doesn’t seem likely to me. I want the stuff I can’t actually dream about.

Creepy actions disguised as love. He kept tabs on you all those years waiting for the right time to tell you he’s the one for you. He watches you sleep. I’m sorry. Creepy is not sexy. It’s not okay. It’s not working for me.

Kindness. There has been this trend where love interest start off hating eachother. I’m not a fan of that. I like cute little flirtations, smiles, kindness. Things that make the butterflies in my stomach flap their wings just a little bit faster.

Love, just to have love in a story/to sell books. When the romance in a book doesn’t further the story or plot, I get annoyed fast.

Unique,  I-want-that acts of love. This goes back to the wanting realistic romance/things I can dream about. While those acts of love that are over-the-top are annoying, the ones done right (a story or gift that has a special meaning to their past, etc.) just make me swoon.

Gross/over-the-top descriptions. I can’t do it. Just don’t describe your sloppy kisses to me. Thanks.

Overcoming the odds. I like when people fight for love. It makes me happy.

When it feels TOO easy. Love isn’t easy. We all know that. I like when we see people jump over those hurdles. HATE when it’s too easy, because once again, it looses the realistic factor that I’m looking for.


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