#Top10Tuesday // Book Related Problems

toptentuesdayTop 10 Tuesday is a weekly feature/meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week we’re writing our the top 10 book related problems HERE WE GO!

  1. Too Many Books, Too Little Time (aka the never ending TBR — I LOVE having a lot of books to read, and having my options open. At the same time, it makes me sad because I never really get to read all of these books I would like to.
  2. YA Shame — This is something that doesn’t worry me too much, but I hate being shamed for being an adult who enjoys reading YA. I try not to let the haters get me down, but I still get annoyed by it and consider it a problem.
  3. Reading In Public – I plan to read a whole blog post about this in the future. Public reading makes me frustrated and nervous for various reasons.
  4. Constant e-book vs. physical book war in my head – Whenever I read a bunch of e-books, I miss holding physical books. When I read a bunch of physical books, I start hating lugging them around. It’s a constant (annoying) cycle.
  5. Not having enough IRL reader friends – I do have reader friends in real life, but not a lot of them. That’s what  I love most about the online book community.
  6. Loving a book nobody has read – I’d rather hate a book in solitude than love one. I will try to get everyone to read a book I love if I can.
  7. Not making progress on to do lists/being productive because MUST READ – There are days where all I do is read, and if it’s a weekend and I actually have the time, I might do that all day (like I did Sunday).
  8. Planning things around read-a-thons, new releases & when you have to make library runs – I honestly will pick dinner plans on a different night if I can in order to accommodate for read-a-thons, new releases that I just HAVE TO READ or making library runs. It’s shameful, and a serious problem, but it’s real.
  9. Struggling between reading a book too slow and too fast – If it’s too slow I feel like I’m in a reading slump. If it’s too fast, I don’t feel like I’m savoring and enjoying the book. There is no perfect pace for me.
  10. Checking out more library books than I can possibly read before they’re due – I walk through a library. I pick about 12 books, forgetting I already have 7 checked out at home. This is a regular occurrence. It’s one thing to want to read a lot of books, it’s another to have the ability to, but not being able to read fast enough.

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