My Favorite Charachter Arcs/Development // Top 5 Wednesday

118368Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly feature/meme create by Ginger Reads Lainey. Join the Goodreads group and become part of the Top 5 Wednesday family.

This week we are listing our top character arcs/development. HERE WE GO!
5. Juliette, Shatter Me
I’m not going to lie, I have hugely mixed feelings about this series and I don’t really like Juliette, especially at the beginning of the series. However, Juliette’s development is one of the most obvious and clearly expansive throughout the series. She goes from scared, quiet and sheltered to a leader.

4. Parker, Golden
Parker begins the book as a girl who doesn’t take risks and follows life according to her plan set up in place. Through crazy events and a wonderful story she opens her eyes to the possibility of life and spontaneity. Where her paths leads in the end, how she’s changed, it’s a development I enjoyed reading thoroughly.

3. Cath, Fangirl
The story of Fangirl is basically one of Cath changing and growing as she goes to college. It’s lovely.

2. Cheryl Strayed, Wild
Cheryl’s story is a long one and her development is subtle, but it’s powerful to me. It’s real and truthful.

1. Ruby, The Darkest Minds
Ruby has the epitome of a fabulous character arc. She starts the series off as young, scared and confused young girl. She’s not weak (she’s VERY strong) but she’s been contained and locked up for most of her life and that has affected her. By the end of the series she’s changed. The world has changed her, she tougher and even stronger. She’s a leader and she hurts, but she’s a character I love and will for always.


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