Review Policy

Wow!! You want me to review your novel? What an honor and privilege! THANK YOU!

So here’s what you need to know. First, I am open for requests for a review.

Next, I require the book. Obviously.

If we’re talking ARC — I prefer an ebook copy. I have an iPad mini, and actively use both the iBooks and Kindle app, so I can take a book for either format.

If we’re talking finished book, I prefer a physical copy (paperback or hardcover). Something I can tab/highlight in for a more thourough review and show off on the blog and Instagram. This is for your benefit as well, because the better I am able to show off the cover, the more image action you’ll receive and the more notes I am able to take the more detailed your review will be.

Finally, my reviews are my reviews. I reserve the right to not write the review if you have demands that I feel will harm my honesty to my readers. For me, this blog is all about conversation and transparency. If I do not like your book, it’s possible I will write a negative review. I’m not a negative person, so negative reviews will not be bashing and will still be professional and respectful, but if I don’t like a book I’ll let my readers now. Please know this is a possibility if you ask for a review. Just as my review will be professional and in the best interest of my readers, I hope you act the same, professional and in the best interest of your readers. 

Send all requests to readtweetlove(at)gmail(dot)com.


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